For the average traveler, making the trek from New York City to Los Angeles can be a long and arduous process. Driving through traffic to get to the airport, having to go through long security lines, checking luggage, and being crammed onto a commercial airliner are all probably at the bottom of the list of the highlights of traveling cross-country. However, for members of the high society luxury travelers’ club, taking a leisurely trip to anywhere in the world is literally the type of experience dreams are made of.

From private chauffeured luxury vehicles, to staff that will pull every string to give you a silky smooth travel experience that caters to your every need, the elite members of society travel in true style.

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Luxury Travel Begins at Your Doorstep | GolfShire Homes

1. Luxury Travel Begins at Your Doorstep

When you commence a journey in elite fashion, the luxury experience begins the moment you contact your personal concierge to arrange your travel. Quintessentially, a leading global luxury concierge service, is accustomed to meeting the unique demands of luxury travelers, helping to craft the most extraordinary vacation experiences for their elite clientele at a moments notice.

The concierge coordinated luxury travel experience begins with the extremely personalized and focused service for every client, and astute attention to detail. With over 60 offices and more than 1,500 lifestyle managers and luxury specialists available at your beck and call 24/7, they can truly handle even the most demanding requests with exquisite ease. One thing that sets this level of luxury lifestyle travel services apart from those which you would normally get from a typical high-status miles program is the fact that you are assigned a personal concierge team to assist with coordinating every aspect of your travel experience.

With a dedicated team, they are able to learn and adapt the qualities of your journey to your specific tastes, as well as catering to each member of your travel group. When you are ready to depart for your journey, you will be greeted at your door by a service staff bearing luxurious gift baskets, flowers, and a personalized letter to welcome you to the experience. Your luggage is whisked away with white-glove service, and you are accompanied by a personal butler who assures that you are attended to in every way as you ride in a luxury car or van to the airport. Whether you care to enjoy a glass of champagne, or your favorite Parisian chocolate truffles as your driver transports you to your point of departure, your butler will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. This definitely surpasses the type of experience you would have endured by taking a taxi.



An Airport Affair Like No Other | GolfShire Homes

2. An Airport Affair Like No Other

Your journey to the airport may already have you feeling as though you are living in the lap of luxury, but this state of euphoria has only just begun. If you have elected to charter a private jet for your luxury travels, a brief respite in a luxury lounge at the executive airport may just be the break you need between arrival and takeoff. Should you choose to arrive early, and wish to relax a bit before your flight, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage in the executive lounge while reading your favorite magazine from the comfort of your Italian leather armchair.

Once you are ready to board your plane, the service staff will welcome you and guide you to the aircraft, having already loaded your luggage and personal effects, as well as setting the temperature and lighting of the cabin to suit your preference. The type of aircraft you choose for your luxury trip may vary from a comfy light jet, to a fuller-sized business jet, depending on the size of your group, and the level of comfort you expect to have while onboard.



A Flight Fit for Royalty | GolfShire HOmes

3. A Flight Fit for Royalty

A popular option for the most discerning of luxury travelers is Bombardier Inc.'s Global 7500 private jet , which set a record for traveling between Los Angeles and New York City, shaving about 90 minutes off the time it takes an airliner to make the coast-to-coast trip. The aircraft, which has a list price of about $73 million and began deliveries in December 2018, has created a new class of ultra-long-range business aircraft and taken the crown from General Dynamics Corp.'s Gulfstream G650 as the most coveted luxury jet , boasting a four-zone cabin with a dining area and bedroom.

Upon boarding, you will receive a welcome glass of the finest champagne, which you can savor as your pilots prepare for takeoff. Once airborne, your personal in-flight staff will adjust your seats to a more comfortable cruising position, giving you a chance to admire the beautifully appointed interior of your plane. Standard features of jets of this caliber include gold accented lighting fixtures, inlaid walnut wood trim, and hand-woven wool rugs. Silk pillows and cashmere blankets are also counted among the numerous luxury comforts on offer to you as a passenger in this most spectacular private aircraft.

In-flight catering is yet another feature that sets private luxury air travel far apart from the typical first class commercial flight experience. In this opulent setting, your 5-star dinner service normally begins with either a glass of vintage champagne, or your preferred cocktail, and is accompanied by a world-class caviar tasting, complete with buckwheat blini, creme fraiche, and all of the other standard accoutrements. A second course appetizer may usually include such options as South African lobster cocktail, or tuna tartare with taro root mousseline. Then comes your main entree, which can range from a Japanese A5 Kobe ribeye to a perfectly pan-seared filet of dover sole. And, finally, a sumptuous dessert such as a warm chocolate souffle garnished with flakes of gold leaf.

As if this entire experience is not already at the peak of indulgence, guests may enjoy an after dinner massage as they view their favorite film on the theater-grade projection screen, or just close their eyes and soak in the infinite state of bliss. Once you are ready to call it an evening, the stately Bombardier Global 7500 includes a full-size bedroom, as well as an ensuite bathroom, complete with a shower. Your staff will provide turndown service, complete with chocolate truffles to guarantee you a restful night’s sleep so that you may arrive at your destination feeling completely refreshed. They will also prepare your attire so that you are sure to arrive in style. Oh, what a life.



Unstoppable Luxury | GolfShire Homes

4. Unstoppable Luxury

From the moment you arrive at your destination, your seamless transition back to ground-based luxury is continued by your concierge team. From the airport, you are transported in high style to your luxury hotel, where the staff has already been briefed on your tastes and preferences. One of the most exciting perks of using a luxury lifestyle travel service is their ability to leverage their industry connections to reserve the most sought after accomodations for you, even when they may appear to be unavailable to the general public. Many times, this includes Presidential suites at the most exclusive hotels, which will have you feeling like you are in your own private palace, with 360 degree views of the scenery that surrounds your hotel.

Aside from the most luxurious accommodations available, your lifestyle management team will also craft custom experiences for you to partake in during your stay away from home. Booking a same-day reservation at a Michelin star restaurant with a 6 month waiting list is standard practice for top luxury concierge services. Your service coordinator may also arrange a private, bespoke shopping experience at your favorite luxury designer boutique, providing you with the ultimate level of one-on-one service and attention, away from the general public. And, should you fancy an entertainment experience that is unparalleled, your concierge staff can get you front-row tickets to top concerts and sporting events, with many including back-stage access and all of the other perks you may conjure up.

Some of the other popular experiences that luxury travelers may request to be coordinated for them by their luxury lifestyle concierge service include setting up private excursions where you can drive luxury sports cars through the desert, or taking a tour of the ocean floor aboard a submersible watercraft. Really, whatever it is that you can think up, your concierge can make into a reality, all while ensuring that your every need is catered to.

The life of the luxury traveler is only limited by the scope of their imagination. With luxury lifestyle concierge services, and world-class private aviation companies, the world is truly at your fingertips. Where you choose to go next, and how you choose to experience those places, is all up to you.



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