There are a multitude of ways in which you can travel and explore the world around you.

For some, a stroll around their neighborhood, a mountain hike, or a short bicycle ride is sufficient. Then there are those who wish to enjoy an escape from their everyday surroundings by taking a road trip to another state, or even flying to another country. However, those who desire to live the luxury lifestyle may be more inclined to embark on a luxury yacht cruise to quench their longing for the finer experiences that life has to offer.

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Mainstream Luxury on the Open Sea | GolfShire Homes

Mainstream Luxury on the Open Sea

When most people think about going on a cruise, they may picture the gargantuan ships that sail out of the Port of Miami, some resembling small cities as they miraculously float atop the water. Thousands of passengers line up to board these massive cruise ships, and there is barely a sense of personal space once you leave your cabin. Perhaps, for anyone who works a full time job in a landlocked, frigid winter climate, almost anything that is not a frozen tundra would suffice as an ideal, and somewhat luxurious vacation. Then again, personal standards and tastes are completely subjective and widely varied.

Of course, the mainstream geared cruise ships do offer different cabin classes, as well as add-on experiences, such as finer dining options, fishing excursions, spa treatments, and scuba diving sessions, that could be sufficient enough for some luxury travelers. Additionally, many of the major cruise operators have caught wind of the increasing demand for a more high end experience desired by those who are willing to shell out more money exchange for less crowded ships, and more personalized service.

Some of the other exclusive features aboard this ultra luxe ship class which guests are privy include access to the Canyon Ranch Spa and Gym on board. This extension of the extremely high end, Arizona based spa brand is like a retreat within a retreat. Those who wish to may enjoy a full day of luxury spa treatments while taking in the gorgeous vistas provided by the wide open ocean waters. Guests may also attend wellness seminars, hosted by Canyon Ranch nutrition and health experts, and learn all of the ways to treat themselves generously, and maintain an optimal state of mind.

As far as accommodations are concerned aboard the Celebrity Equinox ship, the suite level options offer an unsurpassed level of luxury for the most discerning travelers. Sky Suites offer guests a quaint 529 square feet of private space, as well as a cozy balcony where you can lounge as you enjoy your favorite book while taking in the ocean sunrise.

However, the level of luxury can escalate as high as your heart desires, up to the stratosphere of the extraordinary Reflection Suite, which starts at a rate of around $17,000 per night! This floating palace more closely resemble an exquisite New York City luxury penthouse than a cruise ship cabin. Floor to ceiling angled steel-framed glass windows and extensive wood panelling are among the stately architectural features on exhibit within these suites. Add to that two bedrooms, a living room complete with fine sculptures, two full bathrooms with tubs and showers, a generously sized sundeck with a jacuzzi for you to relax in. The Reflection suite is the pinnacle of luxury accommodations available on a full sized cruise liner.



A More Adventurous Luxury Option | GolfShire Homes

A More Adventurous Luxury Option

For those luxury explorers who are of the more sophisticated and perhaps more well-traveled, a typical, purely indulgent luxury cruise would probably be more suitable. For these luxury travelers, who have basically seen it all, the experience would need to be unique, exclusive, and extraordinary in order to grab their attention. Not wanting to leave any segment of travelers untapped, Celebrity Cruises has created the nature excursion exploration cruise itineraries. The ships used for these out of the ordinary journeys typically host less than thirty passengers at a time, which gives guests a much greater level of privacy and intimate service than what can be found on your average cruise ship.

The routes traveled on these smaller, yet still luxurious ships, transport passengers to more exotic regions and destinations far off of the beaten path. The Celebrity Xploration , for example, traverses through the southeast Pacific Ocean and takes travelers to protected natural habitats, such as the Galapagos Islands, where they can view one of the most biodiverse collections of species up close and personal. Whereas the rest of us can only view these rare creatures through our television screens, the lucky patrons on the Celebrity Xploration get to experience these wild, natural settings from a point of view that is normally reserved for research scientists from top universities.

These nature-centric luxury cruise excursions also make stops in culture rich South American countries such as Peru and Ecuador. Here, visitors are able to admire the local culture and experience what life is like in a region that has such rich history that it is literally where the cultivation of the potato was born. On top of all of those enriching activities, the region also features the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu, which is thought to have been built by one of the oldest civilizations in human history. To be able to venture to sites like these from a cruise ship greatly transcends the typical definition of luxury travel. In fact, many would say that you cannot place a price on such an experience.

Back aboard the more rugged than average Celebrity Xploration luxury cruise ship, passengers are still able to enjoy some of the more standard luxury features of a cruise on a much more intimate scale. All of the suites onboard offer large beds with Egyptian cotton sheets, flat screen televisions, and private refrigerated mini bars. Each state room also includes a balcony, access to laundry services, and even round the clock room service, which will come in handy after spending all day observing the wildlife on a desolate island in the middle of the ocean. One nice detail that is also included in your state room is a pair of binoculars so that you can really feel like an explorer on while on your sea voyage.

The common areas on this uncommon ship also maintain the theme of intimacy and exclusivity. An al fresco dining space accommodates guests for outdoor breakfasts outside in the beautifully natural setting. There is also a sundeck where you can catch some sun, observe whales breaching the surface of the ocean, relax and unwind in the hot tub, or lay out at night and view the stars with magnificent clarity, away from sources of light pollution. The experience to be had aboard this spectacular cruise is really beyond comparison, and they may maintain their position of extreme exclusivity for many years to come as a result of travel to the Galapagos Islands being restricted by government regulations.



Embark on Your Luxury Journey | GolfShire Homes

Embark on Your Luxury Journey

There is a famous saying that alludes to the fact that there is so much to see and experience in the world, yet so little time to see it. With all of the options available for us to be able to explore the world around us in a luxurious fashion, it is definitely worth making the effort to plan and partake in a journey that will forever impact your life in a way that is so enriching, it cannot be priced. Take the leap out of your comfort zone, and treat yourself to a luxury cruise.



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