When it comes to modes of luxury travel and transportation, the options are limitless. For many travelers, getting to their destination can be a mundane and stressful experience. There is not a single soul who enjoys driving in traffic, running for their flight, dealing with delayed flights, and then being squeezed between other passengers in a tiny airplane seat. For the luxury traveler, however, transportation is transformed into something more akin to an accommodation at a five star resort.

Envision traveling with over-the-top perks so luxuriously satisfying that you actually wish the trip would last longer.

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Rolling in Luxury | GolfShire Homes

Rolling in Luxury

For the most privileged few who choose to be driven around locally, the level of luxury within their vehicles far exceeds what you will find in the average taxi or rideshare. The experience begins with the exceptional quality of service that is presented to them. It may begin with a luxury transportation coordinator planning every detail of your trip, from the moment you step foot outside of your home until you exit your vehicle.

One of the most important details of being driven around in luxury is the chauffeur, who must not only possess excellent driving skills, but is also needs to exhibit a master level of service. A superior chauffeur will greet you at your car port and make you feel welcome into your luxury vehicle. They will also ensure that the most minute details are catered to your exact preference. The temperature of the vehicle, the type of refreshments you prefer to be served, and even the aroma of the private luxury car are all specifically tailored to you.

As far as the types of vehicles used for local ultra luxury transport, they range from the more practical sedans such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, which gives backseat passengers exclusive amenities such as the most supple leather seats, flip-down vanity mirrors, digital entertainment systems, exotic wood finishes, and even automatic window curtains for guaranteed privacy. The Rolls Royce also has features that make the ride and arrival as smooth as silk. The windows are made of double pane, laminated glass that seals out any outside noise, and there is even an umbrella hidden within the automatic doors, allowing it to be easily accessed by your chauffeur once you have arrived at your destination.

And, for those who prefer a more spacious luxury ride, a customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van provides the ultimate luxury experience on land. These large vans allow for swiveling seats, have enough overhead room for you to stand within them, and they even come equipped with full sized televisions and sound systems. Talk about luxury transportation taken to the next level. Some have even referred to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans as being private jets on land.



Above Our Heads: The World of Luxury Flight | GolfShire Homes

Above Our Heads: The World of Luxury Flight

It is not uncommon for the luxury traveler to use the aforementioned modes of transportation simply as a means of getting to the airport. When it comes to luxury aviation experiences, the sky is, quite literally, the limit. Most of us may think of a First Class flight on a domestic commercial airline as a luxury experience. After all, you get to board the plane ahead of other passengers, and you are given a glass of champagne and a hot meal. Well, for many top international airlines, those are basic expectations in Economy Class.

Step into a First Class Suite on Emirates Airline , and you will learn what it truly means to fly in luxury. For starters, you have a highly trained professional service staff reminiscent of that of a luxury five star hotel. They will welcome you with a selection of the finest champagnes available, as well as hang your suit in the closet space included in your private suite. Here, in your luxurious airborne abode, you have a floor-to-ceiling door which can be closed for the ultimate level of in-flight seclusion.

As far as snacks and meals are concerned, the staff on this luxury airline provides you with a full menu from which you can order on-demand as you please. Fancy the finest caviar with all of the accoutrements? How about a pan-seared filet of Chilean sea bass with chanterelle mushrooms? Service on this luxury airliner is provided on an “as you wish” basis. Say goodbye to the days of dreading air travel.

If you think this is as good as it gets for luxury travel, Etihad Airways offers The Residence, which is basically a private penthouse in the sky. Here, you have your own personal butler who will cater to your every desire and ensure your flying experience is nothing short of the upper echelon of comfort and luxury. The suite offers you a private reception/living area complete with a lie flat sofa, and a full sized LCD television. If you grow exhausted from lounging in luxury, you can retire to your private bedroom which contains a full-size bed, as well as another full LCD television, and you even have your own private ensuite bathroom with a shower! Now, you can see why some luxury travelers would happily welcome a flight delay.

Even beyond these outrageously luxurious flight options, the world of private aviation would be the epitome of luxury air travel. In this arena, you have the ability to command a flight staff all your own. Imagine being able to call up your private aviation company and requesting that they have your plane ready for take-off in half an hour. You can then travel to an executive airport where your chauffeur will escort you onto the tarmac and let you out right at the door of your private jet! I cannot think of a luxury travel experience that gets more exclusive than that.



Sea Salt Life: Travel on a Luxury Yacht | GolfShire Homes

Sea Salt Life: Travel on a Luxury Yacht

Perhaps the most quintessential mode of luxury transportation is that which is enjoyed on a private yacht. Typically affording you accommodations equivalent to those of the finest luxury mansions, private yachts achieve a level of comfort and indulgence that is not easily matched.

The first part of traveling by yacht is experiencing the welcome service of the crew and staff. You have members whose responsibility is to ensure that you have a safe, smooth journey while out to sea. But then, there is the personal staff which crafts an experience to make every detail of your journey as luxurious as possible.

The level of luxury services available to you while traveling on a private yacht would parallel that which you would expect to find in the presence of royalty. Most boats are staffed with the likes of a private chef, who creates Michelin star quality culinary delicacies. You would then have a sommelier and mixologist providing a custom assortment of beverages which complement the cuisine being served to you by your superior wait staff. They can even provide you with drinks and hors d’oeuvres as you soak in the bubbling jacuzzi on the top deck, gazing at the stars in the sky above you.

In Miami, for example, there are myriad concierge services such as Carefree Lifestyle who can coordinate every detail of your private luxury yachting experience. They can go over every detail for you from food, to excursions such as jet skiing or fishing. Anything you desire in the open seas can be yours, because after all, your wishes do come true when you travel in luxury.



Upgrade Your Travel Experience | GolfShire Homes

Upgrade Your Travel Experience

As you should be able to tell by now, your travel experience can vary wildly from the typical, mundane experiences of basic travel, to the almost unbelievably enjoyable accommodations provided through luxury modes. You can be driven through your city in a luxury sedan or van while enjoying a glass of champagne, fly high in the sky in a suite which rivals that of the finest hotels, or float about the ocean on a private luxury yacht without a worry about much of anything.

Instead of having the feeling of wanting to get to their destination to be freed from the chains of headache-inducing common travel methods, those who do so in luxury are in no rush to leave their seats. And, I don’t blame them. After all, who would not want to stay in an environment where their every wish is being carefully catered to by a world class staff whose only goal is to ensure they are nothing short of fully satisfied? Interestingly enough, I’ve only been able to uncover a very small number of the many details that make up the experience of these modes of transportation. Now, ask yourself, isn’t it time for you to travel in luxury?



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