Are you ready for a luxury vacation that will provide you with the opportunity to improve your golf game and enjoy a memorable getaway at the same time? Whether you prefer a fancy a tropical setting, a mountainous desert backdrop, or an exhilarating cliffside iconic course, the luxury golf vacation of your dreams is only a short flight away.

So, pack your golf bag and get ready to travel to one of these top luxury vacation spots for golfers.

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The Sunshine State of Golf | GolfShire Homes

1. The Sunshine State of Golf

Within the United States, the most popular choice among luxury golf vacation spots is the state of Florida. The Sunshine State is home to many PGA events and boasts dozens of top quality golf courses where both professional and amateur golf lovers flock to hone their skills. Florida is also a wonderful place to visit for off the green experiences, offering a multitude of options to luxury travelers. No matter what part of Florida you choose to visit, you are likely to find a quality golf resorts and so much more.

All-inclusive locations like the Mission Inn Golf & Tennis Resort in Orlando provide the perfect luxury getaway. With 36 holes of championship golf and lessons available from PGA and LPGA pros, you're sure to see an improvement in your game during your stay. After a long day on the course, you can enjoy a world-class spa treatment and a gourmet dinner at one of their fine restaurants. The resort also offers tennis, horseback riding, and even access to a nearby winery, where you can indulge in a tasting of some of their most complex offerings and even have a few bottles shipped to your home to add to your cellar.

Another above-par Floridian retreat that makes for a perfect luxury vacation spot for golfers is The Club at Boca Pointe. Featuring an 18-hole, championship golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus himself, the experience to be enjoyed here is undeniably woven from the fabric of a golfer’s dreams. Nearby luxury hotels partner with the club to offer packages featuring accommodations and time on the course with professional coaches. This course is accessible for golfers of all abilities, offering several sets of tee boxes so you can adjust the difficulty level to suit your skill. Of course, fine dining and other top amenities are readily available as well.

Rounding out our list of top vacation spots in Florida, the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort offers a thoroughly luxurious experience. The property includes five golf courses, including a PGA tour venue, and is a part of the Grand Golf Resorts of Florida Collection . Take time to enjoy the well-appointed spa and enjoy fine steak and fresh seafood at Packard's Steakhouse, all within the resort grounds. No matter what part of Florida you choose to visit, you're sure to have a great time on your luxury golf getaway.



Keeping it Green in the Middle of the Desert | GolfShire Homes

2. Keeping it Green in the Middle of the Desert

When most people think of Arizona, luxury vacation spots for golfers are usually not the first words that come to mind. The desert state is widely known for being one of the hottest, driest climates in the entire United States. Over the last century, however, advancements in technology, coupled with a booming population, have led to the massive growth of Arizona’s economy . With the development of high end resorts, and lots of space to build world-class golf courses, Arizona’s luxury travel segment has benefited handsomely from an influx of vacationers and business travelers seeking to experience their oasis in the desert.

Set deep in the Sonoran desert, and flanked by brilliantly red table-top mountains, The Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North is the quintessential embodiment of a luxury golf destination. This spectacular property features two of the most stunning golf courses on the entire globe, both set in the heart of the desert. The Monument Golf Course, a concept brought to life by pro golfer Tom Weiskopf and architect Jay Moorish, features magnificent views as well as natural obstacles. Their other beautifully designed championship golf course, The Pinnacle, is dotted with towering cactuses and heavy boulders, giving players the chance to experience the unusual ambiance of natural desert wilderness.

The ultra-luxurious experiences don’t end on the golf course at this top luxury vacation spot for golfers. The Four Seasons Scottsdale also features a wonderfully refreshing swimming pool area where you can cool down from a long day of golf, and sip on a frozen cocktail while relaxing on a poolside lounge chair, all while taking in the stunning vistas of the desert landscape in which you are immersed. The generous spa offerings include revitalizing massage treatments and salon services amidst an environment of blissful tranquility. Of course, when your palette backons, you have a number of fine dining establishments where attentive staff eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you perfectly executed, chef-prepared delicacies that are sure to please your taste buds.

The desert may be an extraordinarily hot and dry environment, but for the luxury traveler, relaxation in a luxurious oasis can be quite a treat.



Grand Luxury and Iconic Golf on the Beach

3. Grand Luxury and Iconic Golf on the Beach

It is with little doubt that the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Course is the most famous, and most-favorited, golf course on the entire planet. Professional golfers, as well as those seeking an exciting luxury vacation spot, flock to this well known city from all corners of the world. Part of what makes Pebble Beach such an odyssey is its clifftop setting, with an eagle’s view of the virtual infinity of the Pacific Ocean.

Pebble Beach is not only home to one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous golf courses on Earth, but it is also the setting for what is perhaps the world’s most luxurious annual automobile exhibition, the Concours D’Elegance . Each year, the most sought after, rare, and ultra-exclusive luxury vehicles and sports cars are put on display by and for the wealthiest of collectors.

This perfect combination of an apex-level golf course, and the most glamorous car show in the world make Pebble Beach the best luxury vacation spot for golfers. Just stepping foot on that beautiful golf course, you feel as though you are suspended high in the atmosphere, with the aroma of ocean mist emanating from the Pacific Ocean which is a hundred or so feet below you.

You may find yourself never wanting to leave the setting of the most adored golf course in the universe, and while vacationing in Pebble Beach, you are not expected to. The Lodge at Pebble Beach , which has been a landmark since it opened in 1919, offers golfers a dream come true, offering rooms that include a clear view of the last hole on their dream course. Staying at The Lodge is actually considered a time-honored tradition that golf aficionados must experience to cement their love for the game. The luxuriously appointed suites at this property also offer the most captivating vistas of the bay, which is set before a stately mountain backdrop.

In addition to the high standard amenities, such as elegant dining venues and a world-class spa, this golf-centric resort offers The Men’s Shop and the Golf Links Store which offer art, jewelry, and golf apparel for your indulgent consumption. Guests are also provided access to the Monterey Peninsula’s Beach and Tennis Club, as well as the ability to bring your pets along to share the experience of exploring this pristine setting.



Make Your Golf Dreams a Reality | GolfShire Homes

4. Make Your Golf Dreams a Reality

These three top luxury vacation spots for golfers are only the cusp of what the world has to offer for the discerning traveler. There are so many other great destinations to explore and enjoy, not only within the United States, but all across the world. However, it definitely would not hurt to try. From the deserts of the middle east, to the prairies of Africa, throughout Europe, and between the mountains of Asia, there are luxury golf experiences available for you to enjoy at the moment of your choosing. And, the options are only expanding on a yearly basis as more and more golf courses and luxury resorts are popping up all over the place.

We live in a busy, fast-paced world. Our daily lives include lots of work, stressful situations, and a ton of responsibility, so it is only right that we take the time to treat ourselves well. What golf lover wouldn’t want to enjoy a luxury vacation to tropical Florida, the serene desert of Arizona, or the utter bliss of Pebble Beach, California? It is time you consider the possibilities of making your next luxury golf vacation one that is filled with invaluable, lasting memories.



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