If you’ve considered living in golf course community you’ve probably weighed the pros and cons already. The cons are few, and the pros definitely outweigh them. The best part is, you don’t even have to like golf to enjoy living in a golf course community! In fact, the majority of people who live on a golf course do not even play golf.Golf courses are notoriously quiet, serene and beautiful. You do not have to be knowledgeable about golf to appreciate the breathtaking scenery and well-manicured lawns that make up the course.

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Moving to a golf course community might be something you’ve always wanted, or it might happen to be the location of a luxury home for sale that you really love. Either way, you’re certain to enjoy the many benefits of living on a golf course.


The Amenities are Amazing | GolfShire Homes

1. The Amenities are Amazing

Most golf course communities come equipped with a variety of amenities. There is typically a swimming pool and a few different forms of outdoor sports including full size tennis courts, pickleball courts and bocce ball, not to mention miles of walking and biking trails.

It’s common for golf course communities to have a clubhouse as well. You’ll find the indoor perks to be just as plentiful as the outdoor amenities. Inside, there is typically multi-purpose rooms for parties, meetings, and get togethers. Residents might host a movie night, trivia or family game night!

Many of these communities boast a full size fitness center, with access to dozens of machines and weights. You might even see a yoga or Pilates class on the schedule! It’s also not out of the ordinary for golf course communities to have restaurants and bars on the property. Clearly, there is no shortage of fun.

Events are rarely spoken about as an amenity, but golf course community events are common when you’re living the luxury golf course life. Since there’s a clubhouse available on a regular basis, you’ll find that events are planned all year long. Such events make it possible for you to be able to get to know your neighbors in no time, and they’re a great way to have fun without having to wander too far from home.

Holiday parties, barre classes, knitting, arts and crafts, and even Zumba all make the cut for acceptable community clubhouse events. There is always something going on, and living in a golf course community provides a sure cure for boredom.



Upkeep and Space | GolfShire Homes

2. Upkeep and Space

Simply put, in a golf course community, your property will always look amazing and your neighbors will be far enough away that you’ll be happy to see them when you run into each other. Homes are spaced apart to prevent crowding, and the community itself will hire someone to take care of the lawns, or in this case, the golf course.

There is a certain sense of luxury and prestige that comes with golf course living, but it’s important to remember that HOA fees and rules are likely to apply. Building fences and decks, or even changing the color of your home will likely have to go through the Homeowners Association board, or other appointed committees, before you get the approval to move forward.

This can be frustrating to some families, especially those with children, which is one reason that golf course communities usually consist of more mature residents. Should you decide at one point to resell your home, however, you’ll find that golf course community homes come with fantastic resale value!



Choose to Live Near People Your Own Age | GolfShire Homes

3. Choose to Live Near People Your Own Age

This isn’t true of every golf course community, but some communities offer 55+ age restrictions. You’ll know beforehand, of course, as your realtor will be knowledgeable in the situation.

It’s not that children are unwelcome by any means, but the community residents do not expect the allowance of them to actually live in the neighborhood. However, it is important to note that while age restrictions and living on a golf course once went hand and hand, that stereotype is slowly fading over time.

If you’re looking to retire, or settle into a neighborhood where everyone has children that have gone off to college, then living in a traditional golf course community will be perfect for you. Not only can you sit back and relax whenever you please, but you’ll be able to do so with neighbors who are a lot like you! This makes for an incredible feeling of comradery and community.



Moving Your Things | GolfShire Homes

4. Moving Your Things

If you’ve decided that a golf course community is right for you, or your family, then it’s time to move your things. Thanks to the HOA, it’s likely that your new home is required to be left in tip top shape by the previous residents. If not, they could be charged a hefty fine. This means that your home will be ready for you when you arrive, which brings a peace of mind when heading off for the move.

If you’re moving long distance, find a reputable company to move your belongings. Also, a dependable hauler experienced in interstate moving to transport your car or any other vehicle that needs to be moved. This is incredibly important, because not every moving company is experienced in moving vehicles. It takes certain flatbeds, trucks and driving experience to get the job done.

Taking time in selecting which company you use will prevent potential damage and time delays. Knowing that your things are taken care of will give you time to enjoy your trip, whether it be by ground or by air.



Settling Into Your New Home | GolfShire Homes

5. Settling Into Your New Home

Life in a golf course community is quiet, visually appealing and never boring. You’ll always have someone to talk to and something to do, but you’ll feel a sense of necessary solitude at the same time.

Living on a golf course is one of those life luxuries you never knew you wanted (or maybe you did) until you have the chance to do it. There is nothing quite like it, and once you’re there, it’s certain that you’ll never want to leave.



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