Why install smart home technology?

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HomeAdvisor recently surveyed nearly 1,500 smart home technology industry professionals for the most common reasons homeowners are installing smart home tech.

Why install smart home technology? HomeAdvisor recently surveyed nearly 1,500 smart home technology industry professionals for the most common reasons homeowners are installing smart home tech. The three responses that rose to the top were; improving ease and accessibility (69%), improving safety or sense of security (61%), improving comfort and relaxation (59%).

Why install smart home technology? | GolfShire Homes

It’s true, those are three big benefits of installing smart home technology, and home tech pros, along with manufacturers and retailers, should continue to hammer away at them. But the survey revealed a handful of equally compelling benefits that many homeowners may not be aware of.



Smart Home Tech Saves Money

The savings that installing smart home tech can provide can be significant.

For example, a smart thermostat will automatically adjust a home’s temperature when people are awake or asleep. Installing a smart thermostat can save homeowners a couple of hundred dollars a year, and even more in regions with extreme climate.

Smart technology can also prevent catastrophic damage that can easily total tens of thousands of dollars. A leak detector, for example, will alert homeowners to water in the basement before it turns into a full-on flood. Smart smoke alarms, meanwhile, will alert them to fire when they’re out of the house, again averting disaster.



Smart Home Tech Improves Resale Value

Smart technology is turning into a serious selling point, especially among Millennials who have become the largest smart homebuying cohort.

The National Association of Realtors estimates that smart homes now command an additional five percent on their sale price. That works out to an extra $10,000 on a $200,000 home, which is more than enough to cover the cost of a full suite of smart home devices, including a smart lock, lights, security systems, and wireless speakers.



Smart Homes are More Beautiful

As smart home technology becomes more invisible, it has the potential to dramatically improve a home’s aesthetic.

For example, a smartTV and WiFi ceiling speakers can eliminate unsightly wires or space-hogging floor speakers and stereo systems. The result is a clean, seamless look that is also more fun and functional is a value-added.



The Bottom Line

Smart home technology has a ton to offer homeowners. Early adopters have been quick to appreciate such intangibles as comfort and convenience. Those benefits will appeal to mass-market consumers as well, but this group also tends to be very interested in saving money. That’s why factors like energy efficiency and resale value need to be part of the pitch. As for aesthetics, everyone wants their home to look its best, so as the technology keeps moving in that direction, the beauty quotient can be used to help close the deal on smart home installs.



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