It takes a great deal of work to maintain a golf course. For that reason, there are many different jobs available on golf courses and in a golf club house. If you’re interested in working on a golf course, you should consider applying for one of the following jobs.

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1.Maintenance Crew

A maintenance crew is always at work, keeping the golf course and the clubhouse in pristine condition. Typically, a maintenance crew member is a jack-of-all trades. You might need to make small repairs, do some gardening, or clean up messes. The job tends to be physical, so it’s not for the faint of heart.



2.Bag Room Attendant or Cart Staff

When players arrive on the golf course, the bag room attendant collects the bags and takes them to the bag room. They may also move carts around to make them more accessible, or work during tournaments to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Because this job relies you to interact with the players, it requires excellent customer service skills. If you don’t like people, this is not the job for you.




The job of a valet is similar to that of a bag room attendant in that it demands great customer service. As players pull up to the course, you can greet them and park their cars. Tips for this job can be good, but the position gets stressful at times. If you’re too slow at parking or retrieving cars, the players will not be happy.




For people who love the game of golf, caddie is the ideal job. You can learn from the best as you carry around golf bags. The wages are high and you get an opportunity to network with high-profile golfers. If you’re serious about the sport, you can apply for a caddie scholarship.



5.Restaurant Staff

The golf course restaurant has many employment needs. For instance, most club house restaurants are always hiring waitstaff and bussers. The job is fast-paced but often comes with good tips.

If you enjoy cooking, you may want to work on the kitchen staff. Whether you start at the bottom or are a trained chef, there might be a job for you in the restaurant kitchen.



6.Pro Shop Worker

People who have an eye for fashion often do well while working in the pro shop. You can help the golfers pick out new clothing and equipment. If you have a background in retail, this job should be perfect for you.




Although most golf courses higher retired individuals for their security staff, almost anyone may apply for the job. One of the easiest jobs tends to be the security gate. As people drive up to the course, you need to collect identification and prevent any unwanted visitors.



8.Golf Course Superintendent

If you’re experienced with golf course maintenance, then you can apply to be the golf course superintendent. This job requires you to handle all of the golf course maintenance, like setting pins, staffing, and growing grass.



9.Golf Course Manager

There are several managerial roles available on a golf course. For instance, a club manager handles the daily operations at the club. This means handling the financial aspects, as well as all other facets of the club. General managers have even larger roles and keep the whole facility running smoothly.



10.Membership Sales

If you live on a golf course, one of these golf course jobs might be a great way to bring in some extra money. To find a beautiful golf course community, contact GolfShire Homes.



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