Topgolf—a fun offshoot of traditional golf—is introducing more people to the game and providing hope that America's traditional courses will thrive with a new generation of players.

Topgolf, a golf entertainment company that's popular with non-golfers, operates driving-range-like complexes with a twist.

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Golf is experiencing a major evolution and jump in popularity that hasn’t been seen since Tiger Woods first started winning titles.

Traditionally, the game of golf attracted a very stereotypical clientele. But today, the game has evolved to a sport that interests people from all walks of life.

Topgolf, a fun offshoot of traditional golf, is introducing more people to the game and providing hope that America's traditional golf courses will thrive with a new generation of players.

With 50+ Topgolf facilities sprawled across the U.S. and internationally, golf is seeing a new face, expanding beyond the idea of the sometimes stodgy traditional golf course to an edgier, more youthful vibe.



How Does Topgolf Work?

Topgolf, a golf entertainment company that's popular with traditional non-golfers, operates driving-range-like complexes that are more like a nightclub than a country club.

Instead of roaming around in a golf cart on a green, participants hit balls equipped with microchips from the comfort of a heated bay and aim for large targets on an expansive field. As they play, these golfers listen to lively music and enjoy the ambiance.

Topgolf also incorporates more than just golf into the overall experience. As you play, you can enjoy food, drinks, and dancing. At some facilities, there are other games available to play. Because the Topgolf has so much to offer, it attracts people who might otherwise have no interest in the game. For some participants, the experience is enough to develop a love for the game of golf.

Certainly a far cry from your traditional 18-hole course.



Fun without Pressure to Perform

With traditional golf, there’s pressure to perform well. But Topgolf eliminates that pressure and relieves fears of being embarrassed. Even if you don’t perform well, you’ll enjoy yourself. There’s no stress to compete with other experienced golfers.



Topgolf’s Impact on the “Millennial Factor”

In attracting players to the game of golf, the golf industry has found success in drawing in young, junior players as well as members of the older generation. Where the traditional golf industry has struggled is in attracting millennials to the game.

But, Topgolf seems to have figured out the trick in marketing to and drawing in the millennial and gen Z crowds as the majority of Topgolf guests, at 54%, are between the ages of 18 and 34.

The more relaxed, welcoming, and social atmosphere factor into the popularity of Topgolf among the younger generation, with many using Topgolf as a place to conduct meetings and business deals just like a traditional golf course.

While the sport of golf has always been able to attract young players and seniors, it’s struggled to market itself to millennials. It’s impossible to say why millennials seem to have a negative opinion of golf, but it is possible to say why that opinion is changing. As Topgolf becomes more popular, millennials are warming up to the sport.

Although Topgolf appeals to many demographics, it’s particularly appealing to people between the ages of 18 and 34. This may be due to the more relaxed and welcoming nature of the activity. Furthermore, some millennials use the activity to conduct business meetings and team building moments.

That said, millennials aren’t the only newcomers to the sport. More women and non-caucasian players are taking to Topgolf. As a result, golf is now popular with people who never considered it as an option.

If you’re one of the many people who have recently discovered a love of golf, you should consider living in a golf course community. Call GolfShire Homes to learn more.



Topgolf is Attracting New Players to the Game of Golf

Millennials aren’t the only newbies entering the game. Topgolf is helping to create a space in the golf world for a wider demographic of players with women making up around 35% of new players and 26% of beginners are non-Caucasian.

Topgolf provides a unique platform for non-golfers and beginners to get into the game without any pressure or the fear of embarrassment—at 51%, over half of all Topgolf guests are non-golfers. And of those non-golfers who visited Topgolf, 75% said they now had an interest in playing golf on a real course.

It seems that Topgolf has created a resurgence of interest in playing golf, introducing an entirely new generation to the enjoyment and excitement of the game.



Are Traditional Golf Courses Excited About Topgolf?

While you may assume that Topgolf would face resistance from traditional golf courses, that’s not the case. Traditional golf courses along with the golf industry as a whole including the PGA and LPGA, are welcoming this new evolution in golf. They’re excited that people are playing the game, even if it’s in the form of a revamped, off-course experience.

With the advent of off-course facilities like Topgolf, the game is growing in popularity with an estimated 2.6 million beginner golfers playing a traditional course for the first time—near record levels for beginner participation.

To convert Topgolf players to regular players, big names and businesses in the golf industry have partnered with Topgolf. They also are making strides to mimic the Topgolf experience on the traditional green redesigning on-course experiences to provide a more social, interactive, and fun atmosphere.

According to the National Golf Foundation, their efforts have been successful. In 2018, golf participation increased to 33.5 million players. About 9.3 million of those participants were at non-traditional facilities like Topgolf.




Topgolf is changing the face of the traditional golf industry. It is inviting more people to enjoy the game of golf without the pressure and sometimes intimidating nature of a full course.

Traditional golf courses are following in the footsteps of Topgolf by creating a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for a younger audience with the hope that traditional golf courses will thrive with a new generation of players.

With 50+ Topgolf facilities sprawled across the U.S. and internationally, have you tried Topgolf yet? If not, we suggest you find the location nearest you and give it a swing!



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